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Before Mercury Amalgam Removal
After Mercury Amalgam Removal

There are a series of steps and precautions that must be followed in order to minimize mercury exposure to the patient, dentist, and dental assistant. We will review these aspects with you in detail during the consultation process.

1. Keep the fillings cool

Mercury amalgam removal must be conducted under a continuous and copious quantity of cold water spray.

2. Provide an alternative air source

All patients having mercury amalgam removal procedures are given an alternative air source and instructed not to breathe through their mouth during treatment. A nasal hood with oxygen is used throughout the mercury amalgam removal procedure. The dentist and the dental assistant also wear mercury vapour filtration masks for protection.

3. Section off that portion of the mouth

A rubber dam is always used during the mercury amalgam removal procedure to prevent inhalation of the mercury vapour or ingestion of mercury particulate (pieces that are larger than vapour).

4. Use a high volume evacuator

Before Amalgam Removal
After Amalgam Removal

Once the removal process has started, mercury vapour and particulate will be continuously released from the tooth during the removal procedure. A high volume evacuator (suction) tip is kept near the tooth at all times during the removal procedure to evacuate any vapour and particulate from the area. Particles of mercury alloy are washed and vacuumed away as soon as they are generated.

5. Keep the treatment room air pure and flowing

We have air purifiers, ionizers and ceiling suction fans for everyone’s wellbeing. The rooms have been built with amalgam removal procedures in mind, and there is a high turnover of airflow in each treatment room at all times.

Dr Wolch Mercury Amalgum Removal

Further detoxification is best done in conjunction with your health care provider

Removing mercury amalgams from your mouth is ONLY eliminating a major source of mercury leaching into the body. The next step is to get help to rid the body of its mercury burden. We do NOT offer chelation, supplementation, or other forms of detoxification treatment. It is best to see a practitioner who will take care of your needs, and help you design an individual detoxification program. We do offer referrals for those who make requests.

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